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The clinic is located at:
The Bay Therapy Centre,
21 Trent Boulevard, Lady Bay, West Bridgford, Nottingham NG2 5BB.
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Free initial consultation

Your initial consultation with Claire is free of charge.

Treatment Sessions

Treatment sessions are charged at £60.00 each or 6 sessions paid in advance at a cost of £290.00. Full payment is required in advance at the time of booking your appointment.  Please click on the buttons below to make payment.

One Treatment Session – £60.00

Six Treatment Sessions – £290.00

To ask a question or to arrange an appointment call 07834 156141 or complete the form below:


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What to expect when you book a hypnotherapy appointment

Discussion of your problem

When you make an appointment you will be offered a free initial consultation which can last up to 20 minutes. Treatment sessions will then generally last one hour. During the initial consultation we will discuss your needs and requirements so that we can devise a plan of action to suit your needs. If I feel that hypnotherapy isn’t appropriate for you, I will tell you and direct you to alternative help.

I will give you a fair assessment of how much improvement you can expect and how many sessions may be needed. Some changes are made very rapidly whilst others take a little longer. However, my aim is for you to achieve the desired positive outcome in the shortest possible time.

The hypnotherapy session

You will feel pleasantly relaxed, as though you are in a trance-like dreamy state, just like the way you feel before falling asleep, when you’re totally relaxed but fully aware of everything around you. You are neither asleep nor fully awake. However, you will most likely hear and remember everything that is said to you, as during hypnosis you are in a state of increased awareness. In this state your mind is more receptive to making beneficial changes. You will picture, as in a daydream, the things which are being spoken of and you may vividly experience the associated pleasant feelings.

You will always remain in control

You are in complete control throughout and can stop the session at any time.

Coming round

After hypnosis you will be returned to full waking awareness and functioning. At this stage you may discuss the experiences you have had during the session.


Free initial consultation of up to 20 minutes.
Thereafter, a one hour treatment session costs £55.
Payment by cash/cheque only.

Cancellation Policy

Please give a minimum of 48 hours notice for the cancellation of any appointment, otherwise the full fee may be charged. Missed appointments will incur the full charge.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you to MAKE POSITIVE CHANGES

Claire E Cross BA(HONS); DIP.COT; DIP.NLP; DIP.C.HYP; MSTT is registered with the Hypnotherapy Association and is on the UK Hypnotherapy register.

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Boosting confidence

I had never been a very outgoing or confident person. I was working in a job I loved, but was not able to progress, and long working hours meant that my social life was non-existent. I was feeling quite depressed when I went to see Claire, but after a few sessions I was seeing myself in a more positive light and felt much more confident. I now have faith in my abilities and am more prepared to take risks which has enabled me to secure a great new job that I wouldn’t have had the confidence to go for before. Claire taught me some techniques which I can use myself and these help me to maintain confidence in my life and my future. I would thoroughly recommend Claire and hypnosis – it literally has changed my life.


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