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Hypnotherapy to make positive life changes

Hypnotherapy in West Bridgford – testimonials

Can hypnotherapy really help me?

Hypnotherapy can help people to overcome a wide range of issues emotionally, mentally and physically. At my practice, I take a holistic approach, using the latest techniques and best possible care to enable my clients to achieve their goals.

Don’t suffer in silence – there is a solution

These people have all benefited from hypnotherapy and are now living their lives free from the confines of their past anxieties or issues. If you would like to make positive changes to your life and find out how hypnotherapy could help you, please come and see me at my West Bridgford clinic. I offer a free, no obligation consultation – so what’s holding you back?

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If you feel like you just can’t cope...

“Following a traumatic experience on top of a run of bad luck, I felt I had hit rock bottom. I was very depressed, lacked confidence and simply couldn’t see any light at the end of the tunnel. I decided to try hypnotherapy to see if it would help and the results have been far better than I could have hoped for. The sessions helped me to relax and gain perspective. I started to piece together the profound effect certain situations have had on my life and the way I perceive myself, from childhood, through to past relationships and beyond. The sessions with Claire enabled me to understand myself in a way I never have before and start to work towards rebuilding my confidence and moving on with my life. I am now more confident and outgoing than ever before and I feel equipped to deal with whatever ups and downs my life may bring and really look forward to the future. Whatever the problem, there is help available. It starts with a safe, relaxing environment and a friendly ear and from there the possibilities are endless.”

Karen, Leicestershire.

Are your issues with food affecting your confidence and your health?

“I needed help to lose weight and following hypnotherapy sessions with Claire, I finally have a healthy, comfortable relationship with food. It’s wonderful to be able to enjoy food, but also to be in control of my eating. The sessions have helped by enabling me to understand why I have issues with food, how to make positive changes and how to move on. I have now gone down two dress sizes. I continue to lose weight in a healthy way that is appropriate for me and one that lets me enjoy my food and my love of cooking.”

S. Clarke, Anstey

“After a long battle with my weight, I now feel in control. I have always had a sweet tooth, have a weakness for cake and needed a more active lifestyle. Having tried hypnotherapy in the past, when I found out about Claire, I had no hesitation booking an appointment. I lost a stone after my first session and a further 7 pounds since my last visit. She has simply helped me to keep things in perspective and treat myself without feeling guilty or overeating. I now feel motivated, healthy and more active, taking regular exercise and really enjoying my life. My step-daughter is getting married in September and I am looking forward to enjoying the day, feeling good about myself, fitting in my suit and making her proud. I live over 200 miles away from Claire’s clinic in Loughborough, but the difference she has made to my life is well worth the trip.”

Mike, Devon

Find juggling work and home life a struggle?

“I had a great life, family and friends and a highly challenging job which I enjoyed, but I found it incredibly hard to balance all the different areas of my life and deep down felt stressed and exhausted. What I gained from hypnotherapy was the time and space to focus on me, really understand myself and what I want from life. As a result, I have made some subtle but fundamental changes. Hypnotherapy gave me the tools to prioritise what is important and make it part of my life. It relaxes you to the point where you can really get to the bottom of what you feel and what may be holding you back. It then enables you to articulate this and do something about it. I have nothing but praise for Claire and the work she does and will continue to use and recommend her. Thank you Claire, for helping me to make such a big difference to my life.”

Anonymous, Leicester.

Want to stop smoking but finding it too hard?

“Having been a smoker for about 30 years, I had tried to quit on numerous occasions using nicotine patches, tablets and will power and failed miserably. I only needed one session with Claire to kick this habit of a lifetime and was pleasantly surprised how easy I found it to give up cigarettes. I felt no cravings after our session, I simply didn’t want to or need to smoke, my cravings have completely gone now and even when my friends smoke it doesn’t make me miss it in the slightest. I really can’t believe how easy it has been for me to give up smoking and I only wish I had done it years ago.”

A., Burton

Worried about visiting the dentist?

“One of my main goals in life was to finally get my teeth sorted out. I am not scared of the dentist, but I have such a sensitive gag reflex that the thought of having moulds taken and using a gum shield really worried me. Although I was very sceptical at first, Claire made me feel at ease, listening to my anxiety, explaining the process and teaching me ways to manage my fears, enabling me to calm myself down and focus. I am now able to complete my treatment and finally have the smile I always wanted.”

K. Leicester 

“I have always had a fear of the dentist due to a strong gag reflex and I generally disliked anything around my neck or that I felt might restrict my airways in any way, shape or form. It would always feel like I was choking. I knew I needed to do something about this when I lost two of my front teeth in an accident a few years ago. Even in the early stages of this long drawn out process I couldn’t even have an x-ray or impression taken. It was then that my dentist suggested I went to see Claire. After my hypnotherapy sessions it was like none of it was a problem anymore. I hadn’t even mentioned to Claire anything about swallowing tablets whole or wearing a tie, but she seemed to get to the bottom of it all and help me to relax and take control of the problem. Thanks to Claire I have now finished my dental treatment and have my smile and my confidence back. I don’t whistle when I speak now, and girls are interested once more! I would recommend hypnotherapy to anyone, whatever is holding them back. Just keep an open mind and you can move forward. I am also a keen golfer and I am even considering asking Claire for help with my swing!”


Family heartache or issues from the past?

“I felt relaxed and in total control during my hypnotherapy sessions with Claire. She has helped me to see things differently, changing my perception and for the first time I can see the wood for the trees. It is a wonderful feeling and one that has really changed not only my life, but that of my family as well. My daughter is now pregnant after years of trying and although I am not suggesting that hypnotherapy can work miracles, we all feel that easing the heartache, stress and anxiety that goes alongside trying unsuccessfully for a baby, went a long way to helping her to finally conceive. And for myself….I am going to be a Nan! When you view things differently, in a way that serves you instead of holding you back, you become unstoppable! Watch this space!”

Andrea, Braunstone.

Is fear taking over your life?

“Following a serious car accident, I lost all my confidence in both my driving and in other drivers. Claire was recommended to me by a friend of mine and, to be honest, at that point in time I was willing to take any help I could get. I was a little sceptical at first, but after meeting Claire for an initial chat, any fears I had disappeared. Her warmth and sense of calm soon puts you at ease and, with an open mind and positive attitude, hypnotherapy really can turn your life around. My confidence has now returned and I have now driven to Oxford, Leeds, Stratford and Surrey in the last 18 months, when I couldn’t drive more than a few miles before. Since my treatment for driving, I have gone back to see Claire to help with my fear of flying. By simply using the same techniques and channelling positive thoughts, I have been able to fly to New York and I am off to Dubai soon. The skills I have learnt will help me for the rest of my life. I use the techniques Claire taught me before interviews or if I am stressed or need to think positively. I feel free for the first time in a very long time and I can’t thank her enough.”

Gemma, Melton Mowbray

Don’t let wedding nerves ruin your big day

“Having successfully tried hypnotherapy in the past, Claire was my first port of call when wedding nerves started to get the better of me. With my big day looming I needed help to ensure I could relax and enjoy my wedding. Claire talked me through the whole day in our session, enabling me to be calm even in the event that anything did go wrong and we worked on anchoring techniques so I could calm myself down without anyone noticing if I started to feel anxious. I am delighted to say my wedding day was wonderful and memorable for all the right reasons. In fact, hypnotherapy helped me to the point where I think I was the calmest person there!”

Emma T, Loughborough

Coping with insomnia

“I have worked a night shift for over 20 years. I have always slept well up until some time ago, when insomnia began, breaking my sleep pattern. I saw my GP about this who gave me some good advice, but the problem escalated. I was waking up with flashbacks from a very traumatic experience that I had had about 30 years ago. I was recommended to seek professional help from somewhere other than from my GP and a friend recommended Claire. I first saw Claire about 7 weeks ago. At my first consultation she put me at ease immediately. I must admit I was very apprehensive about going but Claire’s calming and professional manner put me instantly at ease and I started to relax and found it very easy to open up and discuss the problems I was having. I have had 6 sessions with Claire which included clinical hypnotherapy treatment and as a result this has helped me to sleep soundly again and I now feel more relaxed and able to cope with the past and feel better about myself. The deep emotional scar that had been troubling me needed to be raised and dealt with, with Claire’s help and support I have found that I was able to face my demons and abolish my fears and put to rest the traumatic experience that I had. I would certainly recommend Claire to family and friends and would definitely go back if I felt that I needed to.”

Anonymous, Leicestershire

Is anxiety or a phobia holding you back?

“Before I tried hypnotherapy I had suffered with a phobia of dogs for nearly as long as I could remember. If I encountered a dog or even if there was the possibility of seeing one, I would become extremely anxious. I wouldn’t visit parks without getting stressed; I would cross the road if I saw one approaching and avoid friend’s houses if they had dogs. Since trying hypnotherapy, I am a lot calmer around dogs and have even developed quite a bond with my friend’s dog, which is something I never dreamed I’d be able to say. Claire’s professional and friendly approach makes the whole experience very relaxing and not at all embarrassing. I would highly recommend her to anyone either suffering from a phobia, or for a one off event to combat nerves or anxiety.”

Emma, Loughborough

Fear of heights?

“Having tried hypnotherapy with Claire, I found I had a more positive outlook and I was willing to try new experiences and have a go at things that would have made me very anxious in the past. I recently completed a ‘GO APE’ course which is an obstacle course set high up in the tree tops. It also involves climbing ladders and ropes and being on platforms. As I had a fear of heights, this would have been a definite no-go area for me, but I spent some time practising the self-hypnosis/breathing technique that Claire had taught me and listening to her CD and I did it! I’m still amazed at my achievement. I now have the tools and the confidence to manage my anxiety and the sky really is the limit!”

Karen, Leicestershire

Can I benefit from hypnotherapy?

Whatever you feel is holding you back – there is hope available. Clients often tell me that they have tried hypnotherapy or life coaching as a last resort, having unsuccessfully tried other therapies. Then, at the end of their treatment they say that they wish they had come to me first. Life is what you make it, so why not make it better? Whatever your destination, if you’re willing to make the journey, I can help to guide you.

For more information about how hypnotherapy or life coaching could help you, or to arrange a free, no obligation consultation, please contact Claire Cross on 07834 156141 or complete the contact form. All documented testimonials have been provided by clients of Claire Cross (past and present) and their permission obtained to use their comments and experiences. Hypnotherapy works differently for different people and some clients may require more sessions than others, depending on the issue they are looking to resolve and the individual’s response to treatment.